Here is What is Included In Your Stay With Us 

  • The round-trip bus ride from Moscow to Demino and back to Moscow.
  • Four nights at the Sport Hotel in Demino (double room) or in cabin
  • Half board at the restaurant Pristan in Demino (4 breakfast and 3 dinner)
  • One night at the "Nuovo hotel Sherementievo" near Moscow’s airport (double room) with breakfast
  • 1 Pasta Party at Friday evening
  • We handle your visa—which you have to have, so don’t wait to the last minute.
  • All the services of your guide, Natascia.

Now Here Is What Isn’t Included

  • Round trip Zurich-Moscow-Zurich. Or, London, Milan, etc. (You will let us know from which city you want to depart for Moscow.)
  • You are on your own for paying for taxis between Demino and Rybinsk. You can pack those cabs and split the 10,-Euro fares.
  • Payment of the entry fee for the 50-kilometer skating race on Saturday, about 40 Euros.
  • If you decide that you are so strong that you want to race classic Sunday morning, you will have to pay the inscription fee of about 20 Euros.
  • And of course, you are responsible for all your personal expenses.