In réto-roman (the 4th national language in Switzerland spoken by about 60,000 people in the Grisons Canton), Diagonela signifies "diagonal" and is a play on words between the word that signifies classic Nordic skiing technique in German (diagonal) and the chosen route for this new race, that will only be for classic skiers.  The first edition of the Diagonela took place in January 2014 with about 150 participants from several nations.  It replaced the Jizerska Padesatka in the Czech Republic, which was cancelled for lack of snow.

Thanks to a well-functioning organization, in a dream-like environment, the Diagonela was declared a success after only one year.  It is now part of the very limited set of renowned races called the "Swix Ski Classics".

The fourth edition of the Diagonela will take place on January 21st 2017, with a 30-km and a 65-km choice, both of which are, of course, in classic ski style only.  The race course extends to the very beginning of fascinating mountains in a beautiful setting.  The start and the finish of the 65-km course is at Zuoz.  The 30-km race also starts at Zuoz, but ends at Pontresina.

The Engadine Valley has it all perfect snow, perfect geographic location, perfect altitude, and perfect dry and cold climate in the winter.  Thus, you are assured of excellent Nordic skiing conditions almost all the time and certainly in March.