Cross-Country Skiing Guided Holidays

Finland's Eastern Wilderness, 100 km | 2024

Detailed program

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival at Kuusamo airport where your guide will welcome you. Transfer (1 hour) to Rajakartano guesthouse located in close proximity to Hossa national park.

Day 2: Day tour in Hossa, 17 km

After breakfast we start our skiing week along well-prepared tracks of Hossa national park whose nature is dominated by handsome pine heathlands, ridge-lines, small lakes and streams. The terrain is variable with a few steep but mainly short up hills. We eat lunch at the Hossa Visitor Centre, which also has a small souvenir shop. It is said that there’s nothing more Finnish than sauna and on return at the accommodation you can relax in the steaming hot, traditional Finnish sauna. The more adventurous amongst us can even try ice swimming!

Day 3: Day tour at Martinselkonen, 17 km

This morning we will take a short car transfer (45 min) to Martinselkonen wilderness Centre where we will accommodate for the next two nights. We start our circle tour towards north through Martinselkonen nature reserve which has been set up to protect the Finnish wilderness, especially the swamp areas with its many birds and insects. Martinselkonen has mires, ponds and lakes, ancient forests and spruce trees draped in beard lichen. There is a picnic stop at one wilderness huts operated by the Finnish Forest and Park Service.

Day 4: Day tour at Martinselkonen, 23 km

Today we make another day tour in Martinselkonen area, this time heading south. We will ski over frozen lakes and swamps and through forests covered in a deep, white, snowy blanket. The quietness around us is almost tangible - only the sound of skis and poles touching the snow pierce the silence.

Day 5: Martinselkonen – Arola, 22 km

It’s time to say good bye to our hosts at Martinselkonen and head north through the nature reserve. These frontier forests are home to a brown bear population, however in winter they are hibernating. Also, other Finnish large carnivores - wolves, lynxes and wolverines - inhabit the area but they are extremely timid and we may only spot their tracks in the snow. In the afternoon we will arrive at Arola guest house, famous for delicious local food.

Day 6: Day tour from Arola, 20 km

On this, our last day, we will take a day tour around Arola. At half-way we will once more enjoy hot soup and a selection of sandwiches around an open fire. In the afternoon we return to Arola to enjoy its’ cozy atmosphere and the warm hospitality of our hosts. There is a chance to have a final sauna, then after that, a well-deserved farewell dinner made from local ingredients will be served in the traditional log house.

Day 7: Return

Breakfast and transport to the Kuusamo airport.

Note! All rights reserved to change the itinerary (route, accommodation) in case the group is max. three participants.

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