Cross-Country Skiing Guided Holidays

Your Passage through Lapland from Saariselkä to Ruka in comfort | 2025

General Information

Minimum Requirements

We start each day around 10 am and we stay out until the afternoon, around 3 to 4 pm. You have to be able to ski between 20 and 25 km daily, either classic or skate. Each day there will be a choice and it is up to you to decide how long you want to go and how many rest stops you want to take. The most active skiers will ski between 40 and 45 km each day. The lunch break is organized every day at a place where you can decide how much time you need to rest before your afternoon ski.

Length of Time

8 days/7 nights from Saturday to Saturday, with 6 days of skiing.

Level of Skiing

Lapland has a reputation of being accessible to all levels of skiers. The trip you will take with us will not have any hair-raising downhills, nor will it have any extremely difficult uphills. It is a hilly area, though, so you won’t be faced with some type of flat and boring set of trails. We believe that you should be an advanced cross-country skier to fully enjoy the trip. You should be someone who is used to a minimum of 25 km of skiing each day (and we know that is not for everyone). You can always have longer skis times any day depending on how you feel. We have the same route for skaters or classic skiers and, you can change from classic to skate any day.


The hotels are either 3 star or 4 star (described before).

Length of the Complete Trip

You will go a minimum of 150 km to a maximum of 250 km.
You can choose different trail lengths each day.

Departure and Arrival

Saariselkä and Ruka/Kuusamo.

Making Sure You Get Water and Nourishment Throughout the Day

Each one of you will take a small backpack and water bottle for each excursion. You will want to have snacks, energy bars, etc., plus a extra of long underwear (if you need to) that you can change into at lunchtime.

A Practical Guide to Finland

  • Formalities: If you are French, Swiss, or a citizen of the EU, you need a national identity card or a passport that is currently valid.
  • Money used: The Euro plus credit cards.
  • Time Zone: One hour later than in France and in Switzerland.
  • The Climate: In winter, the climate is cold and dry. The temperatures will vary between freezing and -20° C, so not too warm and not too cold. If you decide to do other activities, such as dogsledding or snowmobiling, we will be able to get you extra-warm clothing.
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