Cross-Country Skiing Guided Holidays

Your Passage through Lapland from Saariselkä to Ruka in comfort | 2024

Here is the program

1st Day, Saturday: You will take your individual trip to get to Ivalo by plane

Fly to Ivalo, then transfer by bus from the airport to your first hotel. It only takes 30 minutes. You are already above the Arctic Circle; you will be in the farthest part of Europe. You will be surrounded by 220 km of cross-country trails, of which 36 km are well lighted. Classic and skate, of course. At the end of the first afternoon. you can even plan a quick warm-up ski, depending on what time you arrive at the airport. Or you can simply hang out in the village. It has its traditions and its atmosphere that is extremely welcoming. Cocktails will be served for everyone in the evening and we’ll present all the information you need to know for the rest of the week. Your guide will explain everything in detail and then dinner will be with the group at the hotel.

2nd Day, Sunday: Your first long ski day—around Saariselkä (between 25 to 40 km)

You will start off the day just 100 meters from your hotel. You can go 25 km, 35 km, or even 50 km.  It is up to you every day whether you want to take a short or long ski. That depends how you feel and what you feel like. Saariselkä is situated in a national part called Urho Kekkonen (the name one of Finland’s first presidents). The countryside is typical Lapland—soft mountains and hilly terrain, called “tunturis.”  The highest peak is 500 meters. This first day is for all of you to feel good about your skiing. There are no major serious uphills. Along the trails you will find little chalets and hotels where you can stop for local specialties. In the afternoon, you will return to the hotel where you can just hang out or you can go to the village, have a sauna, and prepare yourself for our usual group dinner.

3rd Day, Monday: Saariselkä to Luosto (25 to 40 km) plus a bus transfer to your next hotel

Today we leave the Saariselkä region to go south. After breakfast, you will put all of your bags and personal effects in front of the reception desk. They will be taken to your next hotel in Luosto. Here the huge network of trails is perfectly signed so you cannot get lost.  We will go in the direction of Killopää, then Muotka, and finally Kakslautanen. You will have a choice between a long one or a short one. Lunch is planned in the middle of the day at either Killopää or Muotka at around 20 to 25 km. In the afternoon, the time spent on your skis will be shorter so that you can catch the bus that will take us to the Luosto. The bus ride lasts about an hour and a half. At your new hotel, you will be given your rooms and then you can either take a sauna or visit the village. Dinner together.

4th Day, Tuesday: Touring around Luosto (25 to 40 km)

This place is part of a must-see for those who love Finnish Lapland. It is situated 100 km to the east of Rovaniemi, at the foot of Mount Luostotunturi, which has a peak of 514 meters.  This small mountain village is hidden in a wooded valley that feels like a small paradise.  Here is where you can observe the world-renowned auroras borealis. This area has 150 km of ski trails in pristine pure nature. You will be skiing part of the time in the national park of Pyhä-Luosto. Talk about communing with nature! There are, of course, authentic Lapland chalets along your route and we will find a good one for you at lunchtime.

After lunch, you will have the choice of either calling it quits for the day or skiing the rest of the afternoon; it all depends on how tired you are. Then you will be treated at your newest hotel to the superb “Amethyst Spa,” with sauna and steam bath, Jacuzzi and swimming pool. Then a typical Lapland dinner at your hotel.

5th Day, Wednesday: Luosto to Ruka (25 to 40 km) plus transfer to your next hotel

Your bags will be taken to Ruka. They should be put in front of the reception desk before you leave for the day’s ski. We will be leaving behind us the amethyst mines of Lampivaara. We will be skiing south. You will have two choices of trails: One that is 26 km and a longer one that is over 40 km. Then we all get on the bus and go an hour and 20 minutes to the next hotel at Ruka. Once at the Royal Ruka Hotel, dinner together.

6th Day, Thursday: Skiing around Ruka (25 to 40 km)

Here you will be surrounded by a spectacular countryside. This is really what we think of when you imagine the great outdoors of the north. That is what you will feel when you are in this area surrounding Ruka.

It is at the Polar Circle, not that far from the Russian border. This is a destination that many people choose because of the magnificent natural surroundings. It is not surprising that every year in mid-November, there is a Nordic World Cup race that takes place here.

The network of trails goes on for 200 km. Whatever you want, you can find. You can also taste local culinary specialties. In front of you at all times will be vast virgin countryside. The first part of the day we will be going uphill (very gentle, though) for much of the ski. The afternoon will be calm and everybody can finish in the sauna at your new hotel. Dinner together.

7th Day, Friday: Ruka and the Mount Rukatunturi (25 to 40 km)

The goal of this last day will be to ski around all of Mount Rukatunturi. You will have lunch at mid-day. Then, as always, a last sauna and a festive group meal to end your great adventure in Lapland. Your last night of rest before you take your trip back home.

8th Day, Saturday: Returning home

Breakfast plus transfer by bus to Kuusamo airport, which is about 25 km away. For some of you, depending on when your flight leaves, you will be able to ski the 25 km to the airport!

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