Cross-Country Skiing Guided Holidays

"Best of Jura Franco-Swiss"

"Best of Jura Franco-Swiss" Season 2022

The most beautiful cross-country ski trails in the Jura Classic or skating style, in 8 days and 7 nights

This trip will take place again in 2023!

The Franco-Swiss Jura mountain range is certainly one of the largest networks of continuous, marked and traced cross-country ski trails in Central Europe and will be the backdrop for this superb holiday with 150 to 220 km in 6 stages (depending on the variant chosen).

Do you already know the principle of Sandoz Concept tours and do you like them? Then here is one that should also seduce you with the "Best of" of the Franco-Swiss Jura which will allow you to ski through territories as fascinating as they are varied. In one week, you will discover the most beautiful routes in the Jura mountains, criss-cross the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park and make incursions into Swiss territory, all on perfectly marked and fully prepared slopes in both styles. Numerous glimpses and breathtaking panoramas will punctuate your days. Our base for this stay is located near the resort of Les Rousses, in Bois-d'Amont. This village truly "breathes" Nordic skiing and is famous for hosting many French cross-country and Nordic combined champions.

The week is not a competition but a discovery holiday that will take you through a superb winter landscape. It will follow in places the famous route of the Transjurassienne, passing through typical and magical villages and places with singing names such as Chapelle-des-bois, Bellecombe, the Chalet des Ministres and the Carrefour du Massacre, skiing at your own pace. Pleasure will take precedence over performance, discovering every day the nature and culture of the country!

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