Cross-Country Skiing Guided Holidays

Traversing Lapland from Levi to Muonio! | 2024

General Information


8 days / 7 nights

Level of Skiing

Lapland is reputed as having accessible cross-country skiing for every level of ability and fitness.  There are rarely any hair-raising downhills and all of the climbs are spectacular, but do not involve heavy-duty huffing and puffing.  In other words, you will be in a set of foothills or flats.  Nonetheless, the flats do not last that long and you should consider yourself a fairly advanced Nordic skier to fully enjoy this tremendous vacation possibility. You should be able to use your preferred technique—classic or skate—for a distance of 25km (15.5 miles) a day.  You can, of course, go from classic to skate and skate to classic on different days (but not during the same day).


Three and four stars hotels

Total Distance Covered in One Week

From 150 to 250 km (depending on your choice of short or long trails)
Of course, you can do a short one day and a long one the next and vise versa.

Starting and Ending Village

Levi and Olos/Muonio

Snacking throughout the day

Everyone should be equipped with a small backpack and water bottle.  You should bring energy bars as well as a change of thermal underwear.

Renting Your Skiing Equipment

You can rent it in Äkäslompolo. Ask for more details

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