Cross-Country Skiing Guided Holidays

Traversing Lapland from Levi to Muonio! | 2024

What You Can Look Forward To

Saturday, Day 1: Flying into Kittilä

You will fly into Kittilä and be transferred by mini bus from the airport to your hotel. In only 20 minutes, you will arrive at your first destination, Levi. This little town is well known by those who are passionate about Scandinavia. Your hotel is in the center of the city but still only a few hundred yards from the beginning of an entire network of cross-country ski trails, all 230km of them! 28 km are lighted. They are all groomed for skate and classic style. This first afternoon, you can take a leisurely warm-up ski or you can just hang out in the village. Later, there will be a cocktail hour so everyone will get to know each other. And of course we will give you all the information you need for the following week and you will then have a great dinner.

Sunday, Day 2: A 25 to 40km ski around Levi

We will leave in the morning, going to the north of Levi. You will be able to decide each day whether you want a short or long distance ski. On this day, you will see and ski on typical Lapland typography with its rolling hills and valleys. There are no major skiing difficulties today. We just want you to get comfortable. Note that Levi is the name of the mountain that rises to 531 meters and dominates the village. Actually, the village itself is called Sirkka. That means: don’t look for Levi on a map! Along the trails, you will see small cabins and chalets where you can taste local food specialties. This day, you will return to your hotel, hang out in the village, take a sauna, and have dinner together.

Monday, Day 3: Levi-Äkäslompolo (from 25 to 50 km)

Today we leave the Levi region, heading west toward the mecca for Finnish skiers in Äkäslompolo. After breakfast, you will leave your bags in front of the reception desk and they will be taken to your next hotel. It is best just to take a small skiing backpack for the rest of the day, in which you might put energy bars and, of course, enough water to keep you hydrated.  You might also want to put in a change of thermal underwear.  This immense network of ski trails has clearly marked signs at every intersection. The actual distance to our hotel in Äkäslompolo is 50 kilometers, but you will all have the choice halfway through the day to take a mini bus to the next destination. We will eat after having done 25 kilometers at a lodge called the Akeskus Lodge. As usual, there will be several small “Kotas,” the typical cantinas you will find all over, which allow you to eat at regular intervals. About halfway through the day, you will see Ylläs mountain, which is at the foot of Äkäslompolo. You will know in which direction to ski! As soon as you get to the hotel, you will be given your rooms. You can take a sauna or you can visit the village. Dinner with everyone.

Tuesday, Day 4: All around Ylläsjarvi (from 28 to 40 km)

Today, you will be focusing on the Ylläs mountain, which reaches 817 meters. You will experience Lapland’s charm, but you will also discover two authentic Lapland villages. As always, you will be able to choose a shortened route or the full route. After all, there are more than 360 km of groomed trails in this area. You will find yourself in authentic Lapland environments throughout the day. After lunch, you will make your pick—keep skiing or go relax in the village. Dinner later with everyone.

Wednesday, Day 5: Äkaslompolo – Äkäsmylly (25 to 40km) + transfer to the next hotel (20 min)

Your bags will be taken today to either Pallas or Olos.  That means preparing them early in the morning and placing them near the reception area. As usual, you will have two possibilities on your way to Äkäsmylly.  In any case, we will all finish this day by taking a mini bus to Pallas or Olos (it all depends on which hotel has availability). We will be leaving behind the seven mountains of the Ylläs region as we ski in the direction of the Pallas National Park.  A shorter choice today will consist of about 26km and the longer choice about 40.  Our both hotels will have a large sauna.  Dinner as always.

Thursday, Day 6: Pallas National Park (between 25 and 42km)

Whichever hotel we stay in, it will be at the entryway to the Pallas National Park. According to the experts, the air here is the purest in all of Europe. There is no doubt that the trail today will put you in contact with untouched nature along a mountain range. It will be unforgettable. We will all ski towards the Pallas Hotel, which will be about 25km away. After lunch and a short visit at that hotel, those who want to continue skiing will finish the day having done 42kms. Few places on earth can touch the serene beauty of this area with artic mountains in the background and untouched virgin forests. The first part of this day will have a positive bit of climbing, whereas in the afternoon, less so. You will deserve a nice sauna and dinner.

Friday, Day 7: A tour of Olos and the frozen lakes (25 to 40km)

The last day of your week will be around Mont Olos, which is about 500 meters high. You will be traversing the frozen lakes of Jerrisjärvi and Särkijärvi. As usual, lunch will come at 25km, halfway through the full designated trail. That evening, a last sauna, a festive dinner, and lots of fun. You won’t want to go home.

Saturday, Day 8: The return home or extend your stay, if you wish.

After breakfast, you will be taken by bus to the Kittilä airport, which is about 80km away.

You can always stay longer if you wish to do some long-distance snowmobiling, take a husky dog sleigh ride, or do some exploring on snowshoes.  You can even go ice fishing on one of the many frozen lakes.

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