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Ski trip Peer Gynt | 2022

Ski trip Peer Gynt in the north of Lillehammer, saison 2022

The region of Peer Gynt is one of Norwegians most traditional cross country ski region. The all well marked and perfectly prepared trails lead through the mountains of the western side of the Gudbrandsdalen. The tour starts at Espedalen, 80 km northwest from Lillehammer and ends 40 km in the north of Lillehammer – at Skeikampen. Here welcomes you a stable climate, high snow reliability and an immense variety on tracks in the hills. You meet villages like Espedalen, Fefor, Gälä, Lauväsen and Skeikampen - all of them famous for cross country skier with a long tradition in the winter tourism.

The Peer Gynt ski run is further an excellent opportunity for a crossing from hotel to hotel with comfort and baggage transportation. And along the tracks you find in frequent distances inns for breaks – a fantastic outlook is included. Almost during the whole way you can enjoy the view over the three National Parks Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell. Peer Gynt also connects with all together 87 kilometres the two sides of Gudbrandsdalen Mountains from Espedalen till Kvitfjell and surmounts 800 meters on altitude difference. And for professionals and those who never get enough: the Peer Gynt trail is connected directly with the whole variety of the trails net of the cross country ski-area.

To help you for a remarkable experience you will be provided with a description of the routes and a map with tips. Your hosts take care of your luggage and do the transports form hotel to hotel for you so that you can relax and enjoy Norway’s winter scenery in all its magnificence.

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