Worldloppet races

Combi Finlandia and Vasaloppet | 2021

Combi package with the Finlandia Hiihto and the Vasaloppet 2021

With Full guiding by the Team of Sandoz Concept

The Worldloppet calendar for 2021 provides you with the possibility of combing two legendary races in one trip! You can sign up to do the Finlandia Hiihto in Finland and then the Vasaloppet in Sweden.

The trip starts in the city of Lahti 100 km to the north of Helsinki. Even today, it is considered a paradise for sports, in particular cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Since 1926, Lahti has welcomed seven world cross-country ski championships. It is exactly in its world famous stadium at the foot of the three legendary ski jumps that the start and the finish of the largest marathon in Finland occurs every winter. In 2021 they Nordic skiiers will compete on the 27th and 28th of February. The first part of the marathon course is the most difficult because the course is the same course used for the cross-country world championships. The second part of the course is flatter (but of course this term is quite subjective), before the race finishes in the stadium surrounded by the three ski jumps. You have the possibility of either a 65 km, 32 km or 20 km classic race on Saturday and a 65 km, 32 km and 20 km skating race on Sunday. More than 6,000 skiers will participate in the two courses over the two days.

The trip follows to Sweden with the most popular and oldest cross-country ski course in the history of classic Nordic skiing: the Vasaloppet. It all starts on Sunday, March 7 2021, at 8:00 in the morning in the city of Sälen. Every year there are about 16,500 participants who ski from Sälen and Mora as they traverse forests, hills, and frozen lakes. You, too, can have an unforgettable memory of this great course. Thanks to thousands of spectators all along the course, you will be cheered on so much that you will forget the difficult moments during the race. And what awaits you is even better when you cross the finish line in Mora—the setting is spectacular and magic.

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