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Combi package Birkebeiner & Reistadløpet | 2020

Combi package Birkebeiner & Reistadløpet - 2020

Combine Norway's two most beautiful races with the unique Birkebeiner in Lillehammer and the spectacular Reistadløpet in the north of the country in Bardufoss. 

Welcome to the legendary Birkebeiner Ski Race! The Birkebeinerrennet is one of the oldest and most challenging races in the Worldloppet series with 18’000 participants. This cross-country course is 54 km long cosses two mountains, the track takes you through breathtaking sceneries. The start is at Rena; the finish is reached at the Birkebeiner area at Lillehammer, the famous stadium from the 1994 Olympic Games. All competitors must carry a backpack that weighs at least 3.5 kg. This backpack weight is supposed to mirror the weight of the baby who became the future King Hakon. 

From the south of the country, your trip continues northwards with a unique experience and as a bonus a little taste of something new with the Reistadløpet! You will not get tired of the contrast of the landscapes and the beauty of the natural sites crossed during this adventure with an Arctic taste. 

This is a popular race.  There were more than 1,300 participants in 2019. Many of this same group waits every year for the last weekend in March to participate in this classic-style Nordic race.  It goes from Setermoen to Bardufoss, or 50km (there is a 34km option) for 1,700 meters of net climbing, mainly based in two big mountain passes.  The Reistadløpet race became part of the Visma Classic circuit three years ago.  It remains the most difficult with the most spectators.

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