Worldloppet races

Island Marathon | 2021

The 2021 Fossavatn Marathon in Iceland

Most visitors are surprised by the international airport at Keflavik in Iceland.  The airport is situated on a peninsula that is an arctic desert composed of lava, moss, and mountains. Forty-five minutes later, they find themselves is a vibrant agreeable city called Reykjavik. The contrast is striking! The preserved world of Mother Nature in Iceland offers magnificent vistas that are quite wild, geysers, and of course impressive fjords.  Next you are a domestic flight to the small town of d’Isafjördur with a landing strip alongside fjords—it’s just magical.

Isafjördur, the principle town within the fjords on the west side of the island is one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the entire country. In its old town, there are still buildings made of wood from the 18th century, including the “Tar House” and the “Tour House,” which is the oldest building in all of Iceland. It was built in 1785. The Fossavatn marathon is the last Nordic race to be added to the Worldloppet family of races. And this competition is a good way to close the racing season with a 50-km classic ski race just above the spectacular views of the fjords. All of this takes place at the end of April, a time when it is pretty unusual to find any good Nordic ski courses in Europe. In addition to being able to participate in a Worldloppet race, this is a time to discover unique landscapes that are unknown to most people.

Your trip will end with a return by bus along the fjords and through the mountains before you will arrive in the afternoon at the Reykjavik. You will be able to visit the capital and to lengthen your adventure if you want to add the optional activities to your trip.

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