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Jizerska | 2024

Photo gallery Jizerská Padesatka marathon

There is a new place to go for the 2021 season that is now part of Sandoz Concept’S Nordic ski trips.  It will take place in the Czech Republic.  It is called the Jizerská Padesatka marathon.  We tested it in 2017 during the Worldloppet season.  Quite frankly, we were seduced by the organizer’s professionalism and by the course itself.  It is situated in the triangle comprising Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  Its starting point is in the small town of Liberec, which is 130 km north of Prague.  The village is dominated by mountains ranging from 800 to 1,000 meters in elevation.  In this area there are nature reserves, ponds, clearings, and pine forests as far as the eye can see.  Obviously, the winters are long and snowy in this region.  But that is good for cross-country skiers.  The marathon classic ski race takes place here.  It is one single 50 km figure eight race course with serious climbs and superb downhills.  Thus, the net altitude gain is significant.

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