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Reistaloppet | 2022

The Reistadløpet, the Race of Superlatives! April 1st, 2023

The Highest Norwegian Mountain Crossing!

Have you ever thought about living a unique experience with a hint of unchartered adventures? If so, you will be fully satisfied if you undertake the Reistadløpet. Within the Arctic Circle, you won’t be disappointed with the contrasting landscapes and the incredible natural sights of this high-mountain crossing.

We are now in the region of Bardufoss, which is situated 80 km south of Tromsö, and it is part of what is called North Norway. This part of Norway is the largest region in the country but with the fewest number of inhabitants. This region covers more than a third of the entire country. There are several islands, as well as an arctic mountain chain that is 90 km long and its entirety constitutes the magnificent “backbone” of the region. Some of the high mountains begin directly in the fjords.

This is a popular race. There were more than 1,300 participants in 2019. Many of this same group waits every year for the last weekend in March to participate in this classic-style Nordic race. It goes from Setermoen to Bardufoss, or 50 km (there is a 34 km option) for 1,700 meters of net climbing, mainly based in two big mountain passes.  The Reistadløpet race became part of the Visma Classic circuit three years ago. It remains the most difficult with the most spectators.

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