Worldloppet races

Russia’s Demino Ski Marathon | 2018

Russia’s Demino Ski Marathon

The Russian Demino Marathon is now the 16th race of the Worldloppet circuit since 2013. Worldloppets are the most popular and amazing cross-country ski courses throughout the world. Russia becomes the 16th country that will help organize these famous races.

Demino is a small town located 360 kilometers to the north of Moscow. The Vulgar River runs by it. The neighboring city, just 18 kilometers away, is Rybinsk. In that town, there is a ski stadium where there have already been numerous international competitive races.

Demino’s marathon—50 kilometers of pure skate skiing—celebrated its eight birthday in 2016 with more than 2500 participants. If you are a hearty sole who loves classic skiing, you might want to stay over for the next day’s 25-kilometer classic race. In any event, what is obvious to all is that these events, coupled with Russian hospitality, are going to be professionally run and successful.

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