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Tartu Marathon | 2024

Tartu Marathon in Estonia

This trip will take place again in 2024!

With your gracious guiding services from the Sandoz Concept

Estonia’s Tartu Marathon is the most important Nordic ski competition throughout all of the Baltic countries, and not just because of the number of participants. Usually there are 6,000 skiers attacking a racecourse that is 63 kilometers long. The departure is at Otepää, which is the best-known winter resort in all of Estonia. The race finishes at Elva. This classic only race is a “must” for the region. The course varies between spectacular countryside, sometimes in the forest and sometimes along frozen lakes. The amount of climbing is modest, but challenging nonetheless, so you shouldn’t underestimate it!  The organizers of this race have years of experience; therefore, it is run well. The tracks will be perfectly prepared. A festive atmosphere both at Tartu and at d’Otepää guarantees a fantastic trip. It was organized for the first time in 1960.

Our accommodations for the race are in Otepää. Its location is ideal, allowing you to easily go to the start and to return to your hotel after the finish in Elva. You will get your race bibs in the stadium “Tehvandi”. The small town Tartu is only 30 minutes from Otepää, This is just another reason for you to visit and explore this superb town that hides numerous little-known treasures.

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