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Engadin Skimarathon | 2022

The Schedule

Specific Dates During Your Trip

Of course you will want to reconnoiter at least parts of the course and acclimate yourself to the weather and the elevation preceding the race. From where you will be staying, you only have 200 meters to walk and then you can put on your skate skis and take off for Pontresina. That is where you can reconnoiter the famous downhill we just mentioned. You can also go toward Maloja where you will find the start. While you are reconnoitering any part of the course, you will find a number of good restaurants where you can have a drink, a meal, and take advantage of the beautiful panoramas. On the Thursday before the race, you will want to get your race bib. That can be done at the so-called Marathon Village that is located in Pontresina. Friday evening you will be able to watch some sprint races featuring the biggest stars in cross-country skiing who will be racing with you on Sunday.

Here is how it is going to happen on race day

Here is how it is going to happen on race day: You will have a hardy breakfast at your hotel and then there will be a bus that will take you to the start at Maloja. You will have to walk 500 meters to the bus stop. If you are going to be racing among the elites, just know that you will be starting at 8:30 in the morning. After that, each of the other groups takes off five minutes later. Where you are placed depends on previous race results. After the race, you will take a small train to the station in St. Moritz and then you have about a 10-minute walk to get back to your hotel. You will be able to take a shower there and then it is time for you to return home or wherever else you might be going.

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