Worldloppet races

Engadin Skimarathon | 2022

Wax Service

Always with the idea in mind that we want you to live your competitive experience to the maximum, Sandoz Concept is proposing a waxing service for a number of the races that we have presented in our catalogue.  For example, we now provide these services at the Vasaloppet and the Marcialonga, as well as the Engadine ski marathon.  We are talking about professional-quality waxing that will allow you to ski your races to the maximum of your ability.  You will be skiing with the same sensations that a gold-medal racer feels when he or she is racing.  You should make sure you experience this feeling at least once in your life—racing at the highest level!

Angelo Carrara and his team have more than 20 years of waxing experience at the highest levels of racing, including the Olympic games in Nagano and Turin, which they performed admirably for the Italian team.  Angelo also spends time testing the latest and greatest Briko/Maplus fluorinated ski waxes.  Therefore, you will be the beneficiary of the latest innovations in fluorinated waxes, which have become the standard at the highest levels of racing.  Be all this as it may, a quality wax job requires a certain amount of time and materials and therefore costs.  Also, you have to understand that it is not an exact science.  So, what are you waiting for?  You’ve invested hours of training and bought good equipment to make sure you can do your best races ever.  So, when you are on the race course, doesn’t it seem logical to give yourself the highest probability of doing well?  And you can do this by paying for the best wax job ever provided by professionals.

We offer this service for Euro 100,- / CHF 100,-. It includes high-quality, high fluor glide wax.  

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