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The Night Vasa in Freestyle | 2024

A New Adventure, the Night Vasa in Freestyle

Friday March 1, 2024 Complete Support by the Sandoz Concept Team

The Vasaloppet is the most popular and the oldest cross country ski race.

The start of this new adventure will occur at nightfall at exactly 8 o’clock in the evening. Sälen will be the location (or Oxberg for the 30 km and the 45 km). The Night Vasa, or "Nattvasan" in Swedish, is the newest baby of the Vasaloppet Organization. It will happen on the world-famous original 90-km course (or for the other distance) with the legendary finish in the Village of Mora. Each participate will be with a partner, or as of 2022 it is also possible to participate individually, and will use a head-mounted lamp. Because it is a freestyle race, one partner can skate ski and the other can classic ski; both can skate ski; or both can classic ski.

Since the Vasaloppet was created in 1922 between Sälen and Mora, more than a million hearty cross-country skiers have participated in this famous race. To be sure, the normal daytime version of this race is a great challenge. But imagine it at night! The whole atmosphere will be different. The setting and the eeriness of the nighttime race will certainly lead to lots of different emotions. Only the stars and the faint lights of the headlamps will be accompanying you in the forest and the frozen lakes of Sälen and Mora. The 90 km race is limited to only 3,000 privileged participants. All of the places will be sold in 30 seconds. But we have made a special arrangement with the race organizers so that you will be allowed to take advantage of this unique experience.

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