Worldloppet races

The unique Birkebeinerrennet in Norway | 2022

Important Information

Enty Fee

After that date nothing can be guaranteed, depending of the booking situation.
Important: You can start your trip any day before Wednesday or stay longer after Sunday to visit Oslo or come earlier at Lillehammer! Please ask for more specific details.

Birkebeiner, 54 km classic Saturday, March 19th 2022 Euros 180,- CHF 210,-
Fredags Birken, 54 km skating Friday, March 20th 2022 Euros 130,- CHF 150,-


Course Description / profile details

This cross-country course is 54 Km long and should be skied using classic technique only. The start is at Rena; the finish is reached at the Birkebeiner area at Lillehammer, the famous stadium from the 1994 Olympic Games. All competitors must carry a backpack that weighs at least 3.5 kg.

is also host a skating course on the original tracks of the Birkebeiner from Rena to Lillehammer – the ‹Fredags Birken›. This race in the free technique has already been added to the Worldloppet Pass. The buses to the start run only five minutes from the hotel. For the skating course holds the same rule for the backpack of 3.5 kg which you have to carry with you.

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